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  • Listening to: The nighttime sounds in the city
  • Reading: Re-reading The Hobbit (my 11th adventure)
  • Watching: The nightmare before christmas tonight :)
  • Playing: Bully *because I beat zelda again X) *
  • Eating: Fresh berry crumble!
  • Drinking: TEA <3
Another summer come and gone,
thats ok :)

I love fall, even though its only the first week of September I feel invigorated! Creative again!
Most people are in love with the idea of spring, rebirth of nature etc. I should have figured it out
long ago that I am one Topsy Turvey Lady. I love the death of fall, its inherently lovely and inspiring
to me. Its nature falling asleep in trust that it will wake again, its the night coming back from the long summer sun. The air is leaden with new smells, soggy leaves, dirt, wood stoves being lit, tea brewing, and fresh fall baking XD
* I am an avid baker soon as fall turns, just ask the happy tummies in my house!*

And then, there is the sacred time of the All Hallows Eve!
The veils are thinning and you can almost run your hands through strands of wispy spirits when
you walk in the night, feel their breath on your cheek as they whisper to you of things that have been and will be. Or maybe just a friendly hand on the shoulder from someone dearly missed <3

My creativity has been long dormant, hibernating through a rough year its about time for it to come back and shake away the sandman's sleepy dust!

Are you ready for fall? I sure am, let the colors turn and bring me the sunset!

Much love out there to the world <3

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September 8, 2013


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